If you’re moving away from our beautiful state, or are moving long distance to Ohio, Maumee Valley Movers is ready to help. We know how tough it can be to plan this type of move — expensive service quotes and uncertain delivery dates can make it difficult to coordinate a successful move while simultaneously packing your home and preparing your family for the transition.

Our mission at Maumee Valley Movers is to make your long distance move — a move beyond 100 miles from our Toledo, Ohio, location — as easy and stress-free as possible. While this may be your first cross-country move, it’s not ours; the Maumee Valley Movers team is trained, experienced and capable to handle every bump in the road so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

The Maumee Valley Movers Process

Our team at Maumee Valley Movers is dedicated to making your interstate move as easy as possible.

During our initial phone call with you, we will discuss the scope of your move, including the size and location of your current and future home, the type of belongings you hope to transport and your moving timeline. We may be able to provide a price estimate over the phone, especially if you are moving from an apartment or condo. We are also always available for in-home estimates, which are recommended for larger homes.

Once you accept the price quote, we schedule the move. There is no deposit required up front; instead, we accept payment upon completion of work. Roughly three days before your move, a member of our team will call you to confirm the appointment and review any changes you may require.

The moving schedule can be somewhat flexible depending on your preferences. If you scheduled packing services, for example, our team may arrive the day before loading day to pack your belongings, or pack and load on the same day if there is a small number of items. Similarly, depending on how long it takes to load the truck, we may be able to load and begin driving in the same day, or we can load and wait until the next day to drive and deliver, if you prefer.

Our staff will stay in touch with you throughout the entire moving process and coordinate unloading times with you as they travel. Should you have any questions during this time, our team is available to you 24/7.

How Much Does a Long Distance Move Cost?

Maumee Valley Movers offers free consultations to understand your move, assess your unique situation and provide a quote. Our estimators have planned thousands of moves and our quotes are highly accurate. However, due to the many variables involved with moving, we cannot guarantee quotes as the final moving price.

This is because a quote is based on the estimated amount of time, fuel and materials involved in your move. Due to the advancements in mapping software, we can estimate with a high level of accuracy the driving time and fuel cost of a move. (We charge a fuel fee per mile for any move beyond 50 miles.) As a result, moving quotes typically only change because of a fluctuation in loading and unloading times.

We give Maumee Valley Movers an A++ rating. We moved from Ohio to New Hampshire. The move was flawless! Tony was able to accommodate our requested time and date for moving, and all of our items arrived in excellent condition before being promptly placed in their appropriate rooms. Maumee Valley Movers is professional, timely, friendly and honest! There were no surprises or additional costs.”

– Linda and Chris Nelson

Our Service Areas

Maumee Valley Movers is licensed to perform moves in the continental U.S. that start or end in Ohio. We have a great deal of experience moving Ohioans and Southeast Michiganders to Florida, Georgia, Texas, the Carolinas, Tennessee and other popular moving destinations. Unfortunately, we cannot execute a move to or from Canada.

Long Distance Moving Services

Our Maumee Valley Movers team is chock full of moving experts. We will happily provide classic moving services — loading our truck with your items, transporting, and unloading them in your new location — but we also offer many other moving services:

  • Packing – Our team of caring professionals will diligently wrap and pack your items for safe transportation during your upcoming move.
  • Unpacking – We will remove your items from boxes, put together bed frames and other furniture, and haul away any trash.
  • Storage – If you’re not ready to move yet, or your new Ohio location isn’t ready yet, we can pick up and store your packed items in our storage facility in Toledo. We can also perform a long-distance move where the drop-off location is a storage facility.
  • Dedicated Truck Usage – Unlike other long distance moving companies, we load only your items onto your truck. This means you don’t have to wait for another customer to load or unload their items, and there’s no chance of your items getting lost in the mix.
  • Dedicated Moving Team – One crew of several movers will load, drive and unload your truck. This makes the unloading process efficient because they know how the truck was packed and where items that require special attention are located.
  • Expedited Driving — Due to transportation law, our team can drive a maximum of 11 hours per day. In one day, we can cover roughly 600 miles, making Florida a two- or three-day trip and the West Coast a four- or five-day trip. Because we use dedicated trucks, this results in a quicker delivery time.

Why Maumee Valley Movers?

Maumee Valley Movers takes professionalism seriously. Our company is fully licensed and insured as an interstate moving company, and our team members receive regular training in packing and moving items. Our experienced team of long distance movers is carefully selected for their demeanor, friendliness, professionalism and experience working in the field.

The friendliness of all members of our staff is extremely important to us because providing excellent customer service is the hallmark of choosing to move with Maumee Valley Movers. As a result of our dedication to serving you better, we’ve earned hundreds of positive reviews on social media sites like Angie’s List and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If you have questions about planning your move, or would like to get a free long distance moving instant quote, call Maumee Valley Movers at 419-478-6979. Hiring a moving company for a long distance move can take less time, prevent stress and save you money in the long run compared to a DIY move.

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