Planning a move can be difficult enough without also having to worry about transporting your piano to a new location. These beautiful instruments are notoriously difficult to move because they can weigh several hundred pounds and have delicate construction.

Whether you’re moving your piano within your home or across the country, it is essential to hire a professional piano moving company to protect your instrument. Maumee Valley Movers staffs trained professionals who know how to protect your piano.

Piano Moving Services in Toledo, Ohio

Maumee Valley Movers offers several piano moving services. We are available to move a piano within your home, to a new home locally in the Toledo area, or out of state as part of a long distance move. Our team of skilled and experienced piano movers can accommodate your move up and down stairs in a multi-story home, as well as in a city. Typically it takes two or three movers to lift a piano.

We move the following types of pianos:

  • Upright
  • Play
  • Baby grand
  • Organ

While Maumee Valley Movers has no piano brand restrictions, we cannot move grand pianos at this time. Our team can accommodate moving pianos up to 800 lbs. Depending on the situation, such as if no stairs are involved, we may be able to accommodate a slightly heavier piano.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

Pianos are extremely heavy and delicate items, and require a heightened sense of care when moving them. Maumee Valley Movers charges an hourly rate for its moving services, as well as a piano surcharge. This charge can vary depending on the size and weight of the piano as well as the difficulty of the move, such as moving up several flights of stairs. To determine the exact cost to move your piano, please call us at (419) 478-6979 for a free consultation.

Protecting Your Piano

Pianos are delicate instruments and require special care during the moving process. The Maumee Valley Movers team takes the protection of your piano seriously, and we work diligently to ensure no damage occurs.

Our team will typically move pianos into the truck unwrapped. We using door jamb pads and other industry equipment to ensure neither your home nor the piano incur damage during the moving process. Once in the truck, the Maumee Valley Movers team will cover the piano to protect it while in transit. We also offer shrink wrapping upon request.

When moving a baby grand, our piano movers will take off the legs of the instrument in order to transport it on its side. Our goal is to protect the integrity of your instrument, so we will never “keyboard” your piano, or remove the keys of the piano before moving. We also will never use the built-in casters on your piano when moving it because these wheels can scratch soft flooring and break under pressure.

Maumee Valley Movers is fully insured to move any type of item, including pianos, and does have a reimbursement rate should any damage occur. You may also purchase additional insurance when moving your piano. For more information on our insurance coverage, visit our FAQ page.

Equipment for Moving a Piano

Before conducting any move, it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. Using proper equipment for a move ensures your old and new spaces and your belongings are unharmed in the moving process. To best protect your piano during a move, the Maumee Valley Movers team uses several pieces of specialty equipment:

  • 4-wheeled carts, which pianos are placed on before being rolled out of the home
  • Piano ramps, which are used over porch steps so pianos can be rolled
  • Tools to remove and reinstall the legs of a baby grand piano
  • Door jamb pads

Using Maumee Valley Movers as Your Piano Movers

Maumee Valley Movers is a highly rated moving company capable of handling any Ohio-based move, including moving your piano. Our team is known for excellent customer service and attention to detail — it’s what earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of positive reviews on social media sites.

If you’re looking to move your piano to a different room in your home, or to a new home down the street or across the country, you can trust Maumee Valley Movers to do the job right the first time. We only hire professional movers dedicated to improving their skill on the job through training and treating your move as if it was their own.

To get more information on using Maumee Valley Movers as your piano moving company, please call us at (419) 478-6979. We will gladly speak with you over the phone or in your home to better assess your needs and offer you a free moving quote.

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