Whether you just purchased that grand piano you have always wanted, or simply want to move your upright from one room to another, Maumee Valley Movers has one valuable piece of advice: let an expert help you with the move.

In order to properly move a piano, it is imperative that you:

1. Have the right equipment. Moving a piano involves much more than just sliding it across the room. Not only can you ruin the instrument, but you can also cause permanent damage to expensive carpet or hardwood.

2. Completely cover the piano with a blanket or other protective wrap to prevent the wood from becoming scratched. Pianos can easily become damaged when passing through doorways or in narrow hallways if not moved by experienced professionals.

3. Protect the keys and the key lid. Repairs to a piano can be quite expensive and the keys are very susceptible to damage. Make sure to lock the key lid in place or wrap the piano in a way that will ensure that the lid stays closed and secure during the move.

4. Lift the piano the proper way. This means never grabbing it by the legs and making sure to use the proper straps or a furniture dolly.

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